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xl2000 user manua

xl2000 is an integrated demo system for study and development of 8051 Microcontroller, which is provided with four functions of experimental instrument, programmer, simulation interface and ISP download cable. Enclosed with control CPU and combined with programming software which has independent intellectual property rights .

XL2000 schematic 

 Each module is designed to connect to the I/O port of the Microcontroller. Connection of the module with any port of the Microcontroller is conveniently achieved through Dupont thread. All I/O ports are open externally with an output socket. Expansion of the microcontroller is easily accomplished.
Outlook of XL2000+ (dark PCB for double faces, the SMT art makes it the most elegant MCU experiment system you have ever seen, luxurious and noble, you will love it at first sight. )

XL600 schematic 

XL600  With useful implemented peripherals, plentiful practical code examples, and a broad set of additional add-on USB 2.0 IN-CIRCUIT ATMEL 8051 DEVELOPMENT BOARDboards (1602LCD , Stepper Motor, Real Time Clock DS1302,ADC, DAC, , etc.),

XL400 schematic 

The XL400+ is an easy to use Atmel 8051 development system. The XL400+ has many features that make your development easy. You can between USB Power supply. The Easy8051B also supports Graphic LCD.

The smart choice for 8051 microcontrollers
XL400+ allows the 8051 MCU to be interfaced with external circuits to a broad range of the peripheral devices, allowing the user to concentrate just on the software.

51tracer  simulator user manual 

Currently, the price of most professional 51 simulators in the market is more than 2000yuan (about US$300) and beginners often cannot afford it. Meanwhile, a large volume of simulator designed with SST single chip solution is very slow and occupies many resources, and it is not enough for real applications. The 51TRACER simulator is a brand new professional simulator developed by Xuelin Electronics, of Shenzhen who owns the full intellectual property on it.

quick start download:

Do not worry. With an easy-to-learn BASIC syntax, advanced compiler features, built-in routines, and the many practical examples allow a quick start in programming 8051.

Demo program list

Note: This folder to provide a total of more than 200 examples of various types of programming, as editor of limited, may have BUG, hope that understanding! All through the actual test, the operation! According to the instructions
in the program, called various parts of the resources, self-test.

explanation of the procedures

DEMO program example (only the demonstration of the fact there are more than 200 examples):

XLISP Applications software download

More ISP downloading options: 
With complementary software, XLISP programmer represents a great tool. The microcontroller connects to the XLISP programmer via 6 lines, two of which are +5V and GND and others are MOSI, MISO, SCK and MCLR. Unlike programmers whose operation is based on bootloading (and which need to give away part of their memory to a bootload program) XLISP programs the microcontroller externally so that the entire memory is available for the programmer. 

USB usbdriver20.rar  

The CP2102 is a highly-integrated USB-to-UART Bridge Controller providing a simple solution for ... The CP2102 UART interface implements all RS-232 signals


µVision, the IDE from Keil Software, combines Project Management, Source Code Editing, and Program Debugging in one powerful environment.


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