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Introduction of XL2000 experimental system +usb 51tracer debugger simulator

XL2000 experimental system Details Information...

super!!!  usb 51tracer debugger  simulatorDetails Information...

System introduction

XL2000 comprehensive experimental system (shorts for XL2000) is a multi-functional 8051 MCU development platform (partly supporting AVR/PIC family chips) which is developed by Xuelin Electronic Co. Shenzhen, China. The company has more than 10 years of experience on embedded system designing and manufacturing around 8051 MCU family chips.  XL2000 combines not only the peripheral hardware often seen on other similar product, also ISP downloading wires, MCU programmer, debugger and simulator all in one board. With the assistant of hundreds of short and real runnable C language programming examples, you could learn the programming technology comprehensively in the shortest time. It is especially suitable for beginners, college students and embedded engineers.

super!!!  usb 51tracer debugger  simulator

Integrated Development Environment to edit, build, download, simulate and debug within the same program.
Debugging of 8051 programs in C, Assembly or mixed level.
Debugged program can be simultaneously viewed in C and Assembly.
Variable window to watch C variable names, values and addresses.
Register window to watch the special function registers including 8051 ports.
Memory window to watch and modify program memory and internal RAM.
Call stack window to view list of function calls that lead to current program line ( traces all jumps and calls )
Terminal window to monitor 8051's serial port
Output Window Debug Tab to watch debug messages
Fully customizable window layout with dock able or floating debug windows.
Stop Debugging button to stop Debugging at any point
Go button to start execution
Step Into and Step Over buttons to single-step through the source code at C or Assembly level
Unlimited number of breakpoints to stop execution at any C or Assembly source line.
Windows 95/98/ME, NT,2000/2003 and XP compatible
Multi-file Editor to create and modify C or Assembly source code while simulating.
Supports Micro C for 8051/52.

Standard configuration 

51tracer Emulation debugger 
DIP40 Emulation port
USB cable
RS232 Cable
AT89S52 Chip*2
Remote control
ISP cable

Dupont thread expansion connection 20x wire
CD-ROM (Programmer Driver , English version PDF User manual , Board Schematic , Sample code (C / ASM) .)
Compatible for OS including Windows 98, Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP , Windows 2003 and Vista

Features of XL2000 system: 

Entirely open mold designing:

What is the entirely open mode? All hardware resources are open for users. They are not pre-connected on the board. You can combine various hardware resources into a simple working embedded system as you wish. You have the most flexibility to configure the hardware and programming on it. For example, when you are writing a marquee program, you can write P1 port or P2 port without any limitation on the hardware pre-connection. You only need to change the connecting wires of the system. By this way, you are not limited by the pre-connection among the hardware resources and have more intuitive feeling about how the software is controlling the hardware deeply. Actually XL2000 is the only development board which supports entirely open designing in the market.

High quality workmanship

: This experimental box employes high ranked apparent acrylics board, with aluminum alloy containers, made by machines with surface mount technology. The workmanship is fabulous.

XL2000 appearance with package box , specially made for it and has the grand styles. Package size: 210*360* 80mm , package weight: 2.6 kilos

Outlook of XL2000 (dark PCB for double faces, the SMT art makes it maybe the most elegant MCU experiment system you have ever seen, luxurious and noble, you will love it at the first sight.

Super pow

erful hardware resources configuration:

It integrates almost all the possible functional module parts oriented to the real application of this 8051 MCU. You do not need to find other components and it should be very helpful for your development task.

List of hardware resources on borad

Basic experimental resources

Experimental resources of digital hardware electricity

Extended experimental resources

Advanced application experiments

8digits button switch (direct ports)

74LS14 reverser

12864 character LCD screen

step motor(standard allocation)

8digits lighting tubes(port indication)

74LS164 series-in and series-out

Dac0832 digital-simulating

16*16Chinese character lattice screen(red LED)

8digits switch(direct port)

74LS47 digital code translator

ADC 0804 simulating-digital

18B20 digital temperature collection

8digits digital tube indication(static or dynamic)

74LS165 series-in and series-out

24C 02 serial port  EPROM


loudspeaker alarmming(singing)

74LS138 code translator

93C 46 EPROM

8155 port expansion

16*16 matrix button switch (in rows and lines)

MAX232 serial port communication

 output of 1 digit relay(could be controlled directly)

infrared remote control(standard allocation of remote controller)

CP2102  USB2.0USB/232double communication

89C 2051 core monitoring (stable and high speed)

single chip machine simulating(standard allocation of simulating end)

ISP downloading (online programming)

NE555 OscillatorCrystal select




1.communication and downloading




RS232/USB communication selector(select actual used port)


RS232/USB communication selector(select actual used port)


Programmer/simulator selector(pop on=program, press down=simulator)


Reset. When it is pressed, the program restarts.


USB communication port, for communication, simulation, programming and power supply.


RS232 communication port,exclusive with USB communication, anyway, when use RS232 communication, also need USB cable to supply power.


ISP downloading head,support to download program from host PC to board. It needs basic understanding of the chip will be burned.

2. power supply


Power switch. It is only applicable for extra power supply. When using USB for power supply, it is invalid.


Extra power input.( Default with USB for power supply, no extra power input)

3. CPU simulation


Experimental socket. When programming, insert AT89S52 and simulating with SST89E564.(attention: make sure the chip breach is up.)


P1 output port(P1.0—P1.7)


P3 output port(P3.0—P3.7)


P0 output port(P0.0—P0.7)


P2 output port(P2.0—P2.7)


40PIN simulator head, same order with standard 8051 pins, take care of pin order

4. Analog to Digit converter



ADC0804 control terminal


ADC0804 data terminal


External analog signal input.


AD jumper. Default state is on, if needing external analog signal, input from AD input port JP30.


AD experiment. Used for analog signal, adjustable 10K resistor.

5. Digit to analog converter



DAC0832 control end, in this system, connect WR to P36, CS to P27


DAC0832 data end, in this system, connect to P0 port


DAC0832 output end, connect to oscilloscope.

6. LCD display 12864LCD


LCD experiment jumper, when doing LCD experiment, make it closed

Note: here we have 12864 LCD.

7. 8bit digit led




control end, in this system, connect to P2 port.

data end, in this system, connect to P0 port.

8. decoder



74LS47 data input.


74LS47 data output, in examples, could connect to JP5

9. parallel in serial out74LS165


74LS165 data input.


74LS165 data output.

10. 3-8 decoder74LS138


74LS138 data input.


74LS138 data output

11 serial in parallel out74LS164


74LS164 data input, in examples, A/B is connected to P3.0, CLK to P3.1.


74LS164 data output, in examples, connect JP32 to show 8 way output.

12 inverter



74LS14 data input


74LS14 data output, change signal from low to high or high to low

13 step motor


Motor control signal input


Motor output

14. 93C 46


93C 46 control

15 24C 02


24C 02 control, in examples, SLC is connected to P3.6, SDA to P3.7

16 speaker


Input signal for speaker, in examples , connected to P3.3

17 remote


Input signal for remote receiver, in examples, connected to P3.7

18 18B20


Output for temperature detector, in examples, connected to P3.0

20 8way indicator


Correspond to D00---D07 lights, 0=on, 1=off

21 matrix switches


Correspond to 4*4 matrix keys, in examples, connected to P1

22 1 way relay output


Correspond to JP00 relays,

23  DS1302JP83in examples, connected to P1.0,P1.1,P1.2 
24  NE555JP80JP80 OUT   W2Adjustment
26  Crystal selectJP89S1 USER ----12MHZ

28 dig switch


Correspond to J00---J07 dig switches, on=0, off=suspending

29 232 PORTJP1TO PC RS 232
30 485 PORTJP76J24 A GND B     J25 RO.DI .E
31 CAN BUSJP75Retention
32. 8155 extensionJP63 for control, JP58 for data, JP61 for PB port

33 Chinese lattice


Row scan for top half, in examples, connected to P0.


Row scan for bottom half, in examples, connected to P2


Column scan, connect to 74LS154.

USB communication connectors:

USB communication connectors could be used for ISP downloading and also power supplying. It is not necessary to supply the board with an extra external power. It facilitates the laptop users who have not LPT or COM port on his laptop. The single wire connection makes it extremely simple and suit for debugging on the field.


All plugs are designed to prevent wrong plug-in. With connection pictures and clear instructions, it is convenient for your learning even if you are a beginner.

 Unique intelligent single click design in software:

You can finish the erasing, writing, verification and running by a single click. It is very helpful for the real programming and reducing the unnecessary debugging time. For example, by the verification step, you are confident your code is really written into the chip. So you can locate connection issue or logical issue in the code quickly when there is something wrong. It is also suitable for international users with our offering of English software version. It is specially equipped with a 3in 1 public plug which supports burning, running and simulating. It is convenient and not need to plug and unplug here and there.  


System requirement and specification:

WINDOWS98/ME/2000/XP/2003 operation system.

Minimum 50MB space in hard disk.

At least one USB port or RS232 serial port

PCB size: 170* 270 mm

package size: 210*360* 80 mm

package weight: 2.6 kilograms

Reasons to choose this product:

1. Many of the development boards are made by electric soldering iron under amateur conditions and are several yuan cheaper. But as a fact they have no packages nor complete set software (users have to download from the internet) or after service. The workmanship and quality could not be ensured. While our products are manufactured by standard smt streamlines and have formal colorful packages.

2 We are a registered company with a long history of making single chip machines (formal invoices are available) rather than a company run by some individual. We were founded in 2001 and have several years of experience in this business which determines the stability of our products and services.
3. We have the most and most professional authoritative true examples of 51 single chip machine programs which could provide you with the tender guidance to development programs.

4 Our payment term is delivery payment and other flexible term such as alipay which could guarantee buyers interests and make it convenient for buyers to the largest extent.

5 All our products are 100% tested twice during production, malfunction rate is lower than 0.1%. Hence we have the confidence and ability to offer you the post-sold service as free exchanging within 3 months and free fix within 1 year in order to clear up your worries.

6 We have specific instruction handbook as complete sets with hardware connection picture which allow beginners of no foundation master the technology fast, improve their learning interests and efficiency.

7. There are dozens of or hundreds of people in our forum anytime to ensure we could solve the users problems in the shortest time.

Step by step learning method:

When you get this elegant experiment box, please do not hurry power on the board, we suggest you:

1. Spend about 1 hour to read the manual carefully.

2. Get familiar with various modules built in this experimental box, especially the definition and intention of wire jumpers.

3. Pick up the example which suits your situation from the handbook to do experiments. If it could be run smoothly, please think about why this example is written like this. And then try to change some statements in the program, and then see the result on the board. By this way, you can have a deep impression how the software is driving hardware acting as you wish. We believe this is the best way to learn how to program an embedded system.

Experimental Photos