system guide1: simple eight-way Marquee case 8: 74LS14 reverser experiment  15: infrared remote control experiment 23: hardware counter  with NE555 oscillator 
Each interface module definition2: 8-way controller lantern  9: 74LS138 3-8 decoder experiment  16: Chinese characters display case 24: real-time clock experiment with DS1302
Quick Start3: 8-way DIP switch state display with 8 indicators 10: 74LS164 serial in parallel out control  17: 8155 experiment . 25: PS2 keyboard experiment
USB interface installation4: Digital Tube display with static scanning 11: 74LS165 parallel in serial out control  18: 24C02 store the number of booting  26: SD card SPI mode experiment
ISP downloading part5: LED number display with dynamic scanning. 12: D/A conversion  with DAC0832 19: step motor experiment 27: 485 communication experiment
simulating operation guide6: key button detecting (number show) 13: A/D conversion  with ADC0804 20: 93c46 demonstration program  28: 12864 LCD display “A”
single chip system Experiments 7: Matrix keypad recognition technology 14: alarm with small speaker case  22: digital temperature display  with 18B20 Chapter VII frequently asked questions and answers

Introduction of XL2000 experimental system    

user manual download:quickstart download:XL2000 Experimental part of the schematic XLISP Applications software download:

ebay store     Shipped by UPS/ to USA/worldwide, (about 3-5 days)

System introduction

xl2000 is an integrated demo system for study and development of 8051 Microcontroller, which is provided with four functions of experimental instrument, programmer, simulation interface and ISP download cable. Enclosed with control CPU and combined with programming software which has independent intellectual property rights .

With useful implemented peripherals, plentiful practical code examples and a broad set of additional add-on USB 2.0 IN-CIRCUIT ATMEL 8051 DEVELOPMENT BOARDboards (Serial , Compact Flash, MMC/SD,ADC, DAC, RTC, RS-485, etc.), MikroElektronikadevelopment boards make fast and reliable tools thatcan satisfy the needs of experienced engineers and beginners alike.


The SN74LS47 are Low Power Schottky BCD to 7-Segment Decod-er/Drivers consisting of NAND gates8 seven-segment digits in multiplex mode16*16 led,The Graphic allows advanced visual messages to be displayed.
MMC\SD card slot - For MMC\SD memory cards. Used for data acquisition.RS-232 communication with PC or another microcontroller.D8155 - 2048-Bit Static MOS RAM with I/O Ports and Timer - Advanced Micro Devices

Digital circuit chip


Digital circuit chip


Digital circuit chip


Digital circuit chip

8-bit voltage AD converter for applications in measure - regulating devices.DAC - Digital - Analog Converter available for testing DA conversion
8 buttons are provided.DIP switch for separating port pins from Pull up or Pull down4*4 buttons for program developing needs.
8 LED's are provided.1 output lines with relays (up to 1A).Buzzer voice.(use DuPont wire can be connected to the arbitrary I/O port)
Real Time Clock DS1302 with battery supply.Infrared Remote Control ReceiverStepper Motor Driver
USB comm. connector for MCU with USB facilities.RS-485 communication for connecting multiple devices into a networkPS2 connector makes possible direct connection between xl2000 and PC keyboard.
ISP downloading head,support to download program from host PC to board.Reset circuit.All pins are connected to IDC connectors for further expansion.
The Graphic LCD (GLCD) allows advanced visual messages to be displayed. The most commonly used graphic LCD has a screen resolution of 128x64 pixels.Digital thermometer DS1820 for measuring temperature from -50ºC to 125ºC.


XL2000 is easy to use Atmel 8051 development system. XL2000 has many features that makes your development easy. You can between USB Power supply. Easy8051B also supports Graphic LCD.

The smart choice for 8051 microcontrollers
XL2000 allows the 8051 MCU to be interfaced with external circuits to a broad range of the peripheral devices, allowing the user to concentrate just on the software.

Features of XL2000 system:

. Open modular design: Each module is designed to connect to I/O port of Microcontroller. Connection of module with any port of Microcontroller is conveniently achieved through dupont thread. All I/O ports are open externally with output socket. Expansion is easily accomplished.

Outlook of XL2000 (dark PCB for double faces, the SMT art makes it maybe the most elegant MCU experiment system you have ever seen, luxurious and noble, you will love it at the first sight.


1.communication and downloading
2. power supply
3. CPU simulation
4. Analog to Digit converter ADC0804
5. Digit to analog converter DAC0832
6. LCD display 12864LCD
7. 8bit digit led
8. The SN74LS47 are BCD to 7-Segment
9. parallel in serial out74LS165
10. 3-8 decoder74LS138
11 serial in parallel out74LS164
12 inverter (74LS14)
13 step motor
14. 93C46
15 24C02
16 speaker
17 remote
18 18B20
19 8 switch
20 8way indicator
21 matrix switches
22 1 way relay output
23 DS1302
24 NE555
25 PS2
26 Crystal select
28 dig switch
29 232 PORT
30 485 PORT
32. 8155 extension
33 Chinese lattice

A beginner?Worry not. Easy-to-learn BASIC syntax, advanced compiler features, built-in routines, and the many practical examples that we have provided allow a quick start in programming 8051.

More ISP downloading options:

With complementary software, XLISP programmer represents a great tool for . The microcontroller connects to the XLISP programmer via 6 lines, two of which are +5V and GND and others are MOSI, MISO, SCK and MCLR. Unlike programmers whose operation is based on bootloads (and which need to give away part of their memory to a bootload program) XLISP programs the microcontroller externally so that the entire memory is available for the programmer.

Lists of chips it supports:
ATmega323,ATmega323L,ATmega64,ATmega64LATmega8,ATmega8L,ATmega8515,ATmega8515LATmega8535,ATmega8535L ATtiny12,ATtiny12L,ATtiny13,ATtiny13LATtiny15,ATtiny15L,ATtiny22,ATtiny22L,ATtiny26,ATtiny26L

Equipped with 40pin simulator head and SST89E516 Emulation chip:

It could be used as an independent simulator for 51 MCU.  With the help of KEIL software, it supports on-line debugging like single step execution, break point and full run

The new SoftICE software utility was specifically developed to support the FlashFlex
SST's SoftICE is a downloadable micro-controller-resident software utility that provides in-circuit emulation capability through the Keil Monitor51 software, a popular third-party Windows monitor interface. It is the only software utility on the market today that provides "true" in-circuit emulation without the need for a "bondout" chip or on-board "hooks" circuitry. It helps debug users' target software in real-time, thus providing engineers with an in-circuit development tool, which is effective, easy to use and requires no extra emulator hardware. SoftICE has most of the features of sophisticated hardware emulators.
Some important features are:
Full access to every Flash memory location, RAM location, and SFR for READ/WRITE/ERASE operations.
Inline Assembler allows for on-the-fly change of test code. Any changes made using the inline assembler are implemented immediately on the hardware and in real-time.
SoftICE works invisibly with the user-friendly Keil Monitor51 driver to ensure the user the most comfortable code development environment.

 download the SoftICE User's Guide.

The auction includes :
USB cable
RS232 Cable
AT89S52 Chip*2
Remote control
SST89E516 Emulation chip
DIP40 Emulation port
ISP cable
Dupont thread expansion connection 20x wire
CD-ROM (Programmer Driver , English version PDF User manual , Board Schematic , Sample code (C / ASM) .)
Compatible for OS including Windows 98, Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP , Windows 2003 and Vista

System requirement and specification:
WINDOWS98/ME/2000/XP/2003/vista operation system.
Minimum 50MB space in hard disk.
At least one USB port or RS232 serial port
PCB size: 170* 270 mm
package size: 210*360* 80 mm
package weight: 2.6 kilograms

Experimental Photos


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